Nyheter / News 2014

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01 November
Sissi and Bo (Black Orchild of EAsGarden) got 5 girls and 1 boy yesterday emoticon heart all is well with all the babies and parents.

16 oktober
Niiger av EAsGarden whit his handler in Spain 
Uttrykksikonet heart 6 mont old

14 Oktober

26 September
Etter en lang dag/kveld på klinikken Kan jeg melde følgende :
Haremets Day Dream = Ninah PL og PRA FRI
Lo-Fot-Tibben Angel Born to Be Wild = Angie PL og PRA FRI
Zea av EAsGarde -Zea PL og PRA FRI
Taxus av EAsGarden - Leon PL og PRA FRI
Belle Amor av EAsGarden - Kira PL og PRA FRI

24 september
Alve and one of his handlers

21 september
Alve 2 BOB and 2 CACIB and GB champ, Cherry 2 BOS, 2 CACIB

20 September
Cherry BOS, CAC casib
Alve BOB CAC Casib and No. 3 in Group in Giabralta today

13 november
I want to thank this wonderful photo to Royal canin Portugal and the professional who made it is very good

Kleinspizt black Nigger Av Eas Garden 8 months
A great promise becomes reality.

23 juni
XXVI Exposición internacional canina de Medina de Pomar.

Anthems Brass Tan Alpha (Alve)
Open class Excellent 1º, CAC, CACIB and BOB.
Thanks to the Judge Carmen Gil Polo.

16 Juli
DOG's Show Magazine

16 Juli
Lisboa winner 2014

14 Juli

13 Juli
Alve to day BOB, CAC , Cacib ,Iberian Ch

13 Juli
A super day for EAsGarden 

Sweet Cherry of EAsGarden Cert. BOB og 1 BIG
Viola av EAsGarden BOB, BIG 3
Niiger av EAsGarden BOS

29 juni
XX Exposición Internacional de Cantabria 2014
INT UCH NORD UCH, NO UCH, SE UCH, DK UCH, NORD V-11, DK V-11, KBHV-12 Anthems Brass Tan Alpha Owner Eas Garden. 
Open Class. Excellent 1º CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG3.
Excellent results. Thanks to Judge Nemanja Jovanovic to recognize the qualities of this great dog.

8 Juni
1º Exposición canina de Mocejón Toledo

Open class Male. Anthems Brass Tan Alpha "Alve"
Excelente 1º CAC y BOB

24 Mai
Anthems brass tan alpha " Alve" CAC. CACIB. BOB. Fantástico Alve. 
Int.Ch N.S.DK.UCH DKV-11 NORDV-11 KBHV-12 Anthems Brass Tan Alpha who obtained italian, french and spanish CAC, BOB and Cacib!

Showed by Fco Javier Herranz in Madrid today! 


Tregai Glory Of Life
Intet påvist

Tregai Glory Of Sunlight
Intet påvist

Enduring Beauty Av Eas Garden
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