Buy a puppie


Ea `s Garden purchase information.
If you are interested in buying a puppy from Ea`s Garden please send us an e-mail for first contact, then we can take it forward in contact via MSN, FB, SMS and phone.
We will not promise you any puppy before they are born and we see if we have a puppy that suits you.
We prefer that you come to visit once during the "waiting period" and after the puppies are born, so we know each other a bit more before delivery.

When you buy a puppy from Ea`s Garden, the puppy been wormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and Veterinary checked.
And it have a health certificate not older than 1 week.
You also get a puppy pack with various equipment a puppy need in a new home.

Our puppies are available at the earliest 8 weeks.
Upon delivery, we meet and talk through the puppy purchase information, sales contracts, etc.

Cancellation: If a puppy get canceled you must be presented with a valid medical certificate for a refund of the deposit.

Delivery: The most normal is that the buyer gets the dog from the seller, unless otherwise agreed.
If the dog must be transported by the seller to the buyer, the buyer requested bank account for transportation costs.

Re-purchase of the dog: If the redemption occurs within 14 days from delivery date will be refunded 80% of the purchase price.
If the repurchase is made later, but within 3 months from the date of delivery will be refunded 60% of the purchase price.
If the repurchase at a later date, but within 12 months from delivery date will be refunded 40% of the purchase price.
If the repurchase at a later date, but within 24 months from delivery date will be refunded 10% of the purchase price.
If the repurchase is later than currently designated you will not get repaid any part of the purchase price.

The parties' liability for defects in the dog: The dog should be healthy and free from defects upon delivery, unless otherwise expressly specified in the contract.
Questions if the dog was healthy and flawless to be judged according to their condition (nature) at the time of delivery.
The seller is responsible for defects that existed at the time, even if problems appears later (so-called latent defect).

Complaints: the ability of the buyer to be entitled to compensation for a wrong, is that the buyer complained about the dog.
The appeal means that the buyer notifies the seller that the buyer does not accept the dog and indicating the manner in which the dog under the buyer's perception is inaccurate.
Complaints must be made within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect.
Message sent within two months after the buyer discovered the defect must always be deemed to be delivered on time. Complaints must be made within three years after delivery.

When the puppy grows up, we recommend eye and knee check, so we know that everything is as it should.
We do not want to breed puppies that are not good for the breed.